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Request a Card SDK license

To streamline the ordering process for a Card SDK license, you can enter data into a template. The template must be added to the license request to process the request accordingly. Any missing information will postpone the process until clarification.

All fields are mandatory.

Key points


Key points



Provide details on the customer and/or partner. Specify who the customer or end customer is when this request comes through a partner.

License Type

A Standard Issued License is valid for one year, one specific version and client license. If there is any special need, provide an explanation.

License Version

State the version the license should cover, for example,  6.1 or 6.2.

System ID

System ID or Dongle ID.

Current License (optional)

Enter the current license for reference.

Feature Set

Enter the feature that the license should cover.

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  • Advanced Encoding



Specify if the request is for a new license or an update/replacement license.

Order Number

Provide the customer name and the order number.

Support and Maintenance

Enter the S&M Contract or a reference to the documents to access support and maintenance, if applicable.

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